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Armaplate revise the driver's barrel lock protection plate

Jeffrey Scott @ February 6, 2018 4:19 pm

The news that Armaplate have revised the design of the Driver's door lock protector of the new shape Transit (Mk8 2014 onwards big Transit, not the Custom) is welcome here at Sussex Installations as the previous design was not really suitable for us and we struggled to see much benefit in it being fitted at all. The problem was that the barrel stuck out so much from the door, that Armaplate couldn't have a hole pressed deep enough to house the barrel. So they left the hole for the barrel open and that did not really offer much of a security benefit in our opinion. The Transit Custom barrel stuck out less from the body and so that Armaplate always covered over the barrel anyway, but the larger Transit Mk8 with the open barrel and perhaps a Replock was not a good fit. Anyway Armaplate have invested in tooling that now makes this possible and we welcome the improved product as an option for our customers.

I'm sure that this will be welcome news from Transit 2014 onwards owners who have damage around the lock area of their driver's door after being broken into and who are looking for a cost effective solution to repair the damage with out them having to take their van to the body shop. This Armaplate combined with one of our Replocks maybe enough to repair the damage to your van if you are in this situation after a break in? If you have been broken into then we usually charge a fee to remove the damaged Ford lock from your door as this can be very difficult and sometimes time consuming. We also sometimes find that the Ford latch / central locking mechanism has been damaged and needs to be replaced with a genuine Ford replacement.

If you want to order one of these new design Armaplate lock guards from us then please check with us that the new stock is available before ordering as there will be a short transition period from the old design to the new design.

Thanks for reading

Jeff Scott

Managing Director 

Sussex Installation Team LTD

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