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Van Security Packages - Sussex - London & The South East

We recommend a three strategy approach to help secure your van against tool theft

Our advice is typically to implement a three strategy approach if possible for the vehicle and within the budget of the van owner rather than concentrating only on what lock is best;

1) Secure the manufacturer's weak point (i.e. to prevent the most common break in attack for that make / model / year van) and this varies from one van model to another

2) To add an additional layer of security (Deadlocks, surface mounted locks or slamlocks)

3) To have an alarm with tool / cargo area protection (Sometimes we can upgrade your manufacturer's factory fitted alarm or you will need a complete alarm and the additional tool / cargo / area protection)

We have made bespoke packages for the most commonly broken into van models; Where we are able to offer the three strategy approach within a reasonable price and these are called our 'Platinum Packages'. 

We also have packages that address the 1st two strategies, but where we do not have a factory alarm upgrade option to add tool / cargo area protection to the manufacturers alarm and these are called our 'Gold Packages'.

There are also some packages that include a more heavy duty lock and these are our 'HD Gold Packages'.

For vehicles that have too many manufacturer's weak points, we have made packages where we add a double layer of extra security as we are not able to adequately protect the manufacturer's weak points. These packages have been marked with a * to make them a Gold* or a Platinum* package. 

Don't worry if you can't see a package for your van make / model / year below, simply contact us and we will give you options to suit your vehicle and needs.

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Sussex Installations FOR5-PP-1S-RB-D Ford Transit Connect 2018 - On Platinum Package Ford Connect 2018 Onwards Security  Platinum Package  Manual  Deadlock Sussex - London & The South East
Ford Connect (2018 Onwards) Security - Platinum Package - Manual / Deadlock
£444.15 Ex. VAT
£532.98 *Fitted
*Please click on the individual product for pricing details.
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