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Mercedes Sprinter Vans being stolen at an alarming rate - protect your van now!

Jeffrey Scott @ January 29, 2019 1:06 pm

Sprinter Vans Being Stolen

We have had increasingly more and more Mercedes Sprinter owners get in touch with us after their vans have been stolen or after they have found their van with the ignition barrel missing (due an attempted theft). This seems to be due to a theft method where the thieves remove the ignition from the van and then use a laptop computer to extract the last used code from the ignition; they then use this code to program a new key to your van and drive your van away using their own ignition barrel. If you have found your van with your ignition barrel missing then you may have interrupted the thieves before they had chance to come back to steal your van and you should immobilise the van or have it moved to a secure parking area immediately. Temporary immobilisation methods maybe deflating the tyres or removing the fuses (although care and consideration should be taken before carrying out any action like this; if you do not have the correct mechanical background or knowledge to do this and to be able to reverse it with the correct value fuses going back into the appropriate fuse holders).

What can I do to protect my Mercedes Sprinter from being stolen?

  • We have been fitting ECU shields to Mercedes Sprinter owners vans for some years now as a thief would bring their own ECU and keys and then swap their ECU onto your van (easily accessed from under the bonnet) and then drive your van away using their keys. An ECU shield is still a worthwhile investment, but now with the barrel extraction method becoming more popular we would recommend that you also have an ignition shield fitted too. The ignition shield (pictured above) is a strong metal shield shaped specifically to bolt around your ignition and into existing bolt holes behind the dashboard. We remove a part of the dashboard, fix our ignition shield in place using sheer bolts (the heads break off once they reach the correct tightness) and then refit the panels so that it doesn't look any different from the outside. An alternative method (or even as well as fitting the ECU and ignition shields) is to have an immobiliser and there are different types of immobiliser that you can have.
  • Immobiliser without installation - We sell pedal boxes on the website and these encase the accelerator, brake and clutch pedals so that the vehicle can't be driven with the box in place. You simply unlock the box and store it in the van when you drive the vehicle and then lock it back in place to protect your van.
  • Immobiliser with installation - We can fit the GHOST immobiliser to your van and this means that you have to input a short sequence code using buttons that are on your steering wheel or cruise control before you are able to start and drive the van away. This means that even if someone steals your keys, they will not be able to drive the van away with the GHOST immobiliser active.
  • Cab area deadlocks - While deadlocks fitted to the cab doors of your van will not stop someone from breaking your window and climbing into your van to steal it (by driving it away); it will however make it far less appealing for them to do so! 1st they need to climb through broken glass and then sit in the broken glass, then they will know that if an angry tradesman comes and find them in the van, they will only have one exit (through the broken glass) and will not be able to exit out of the other door. They will also know that if they end up in a police chase then they will not be able to jump out of the door while the vehicle is still moving as they would need the vehicle to come to a halt and then climb out of the broken glass window. 

I don't know why we see Sprinters in particular being a highly stolen van, maybe it's because the technology exists for them to steal the vans and the market for them to resell the vans or parts from the vans here or abroad is obviously there for them. But either way, Mercedes Sprinter van owners (along with a few other make vans) certainly need to be on their guard.

There are some links to security products that we offer to help to secure your Mercedes Sprinter from theft below, we also offer security products to help to prevent against tool theft tool Please contact us if you need any advice.

*Please click on the individual product for pricing details.
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