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Locks 4 Vans S SERIES VAN DEADLOCKS GENERAL Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks Peacehaven
Locks 4 Vans S SERIES VAN DEADLOCKS GENERAL Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks Peacehaven
Locks 4 Vans S SERIES VAN DEADLOCKS GENERAL Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks Peacehaven
Locks 4 Vans S SERIES VAN DEADLOCKS GENERAL Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks Peacehaven
Locks 4 Vans S SERIES VAN DEADLOCKS GENERAL Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks Peacehaven
Locks 4 Vans S SERIES VAN DEADLOCKS GENERAL Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks Peacehaven
Locks 4 Vans S Series deadlocks
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Sussex Installations bring you the finest products on the market with the S and T Series Deadlocks made by Locks 4 Vans. The deadlocks are designed to give extra security to your van, so if your van's standard security is breached then you still have an extra mechanical layer of security stopping the thieves from entering your van. The lock also serves as a visual deterrent; so with easier pickings along the road your van will be safer. 

So what's the difference in the key? S series and T series Deadlocks? 

S Series: The S Series key is more like your traditional Yale type key with the key cuts on the edge of the key, although it is a controlled blank and not one that is available over the counter in this country. Typically we recommend that our customers purchase our T Series locks instead of these S Series locks, but of course we realise that some people want the cheaper locks regardless and we are of course happy to sell you these S Series locks if that is what you want?

T Series: The T Series key is a security dimple type key with different depth holes drilled into the flat face of the key, this key is more resistant to picking and is stronger

What are hook locks?

When we say hook lock (or hooklock), we are referring to the lock case not the lock barrel. With a hook lock the bolt (which secures your deadlock to the bracket) has a hook and rotates as you turn the key and the hook part of the bolt locates behind the bracket that we fit and this will make it harder for someone to lever the bolt from the bracket in the case of an attack.

Are hook locks available for my van?

For most of the current model vans we have a hook lock option for the side load doors and the rear barn doors. We will always fit a hook type deadlock if it is available from Locks 4 Vans; but we rely on their development of the bespoke brackets and deadlock kits that are made specifically for each make and model van. Cab doors are typically standard lock cases and not hook lock cases and sometimes we can offer higher or lower positions on the doors for deadlocks and it's sometimes possible that one position is a hook type lock and the other is a standard lock case. Non current production model vans or less popular model vans are more likely to be non hook type lock cases. If you specifically want hook locks, then it's best to check with us they are available for your model van and which doors on your van they are available for.

High, mid or low position?

We may have high or low lock positions for the side load door and rear barn doors of your van, so the position of your locks may vary from those pictured. The high position of one van maybe a different high position on another van or different on the side door and the barn doors on the same van; the same for the low position locks too. We make every effort to show pictures (or videos) of the different lock positions on each specific make/ model and year variant van, but we can't always show every option and sometimes as time goes on new fitting positions become available and preferred as a result of van attack methods changing. If you have a specific preference of where your lock will go, then please please check with us at that the position you want for your van is available at the time of ordering. All kits are made specifically to order and parts for the low down position will not work for the high position and vice versa. 

Do you have any windows in the rear of your van?
Please also let us know if you have any windows (glass) in the side or rear doors as the high position locks are often not compatible when there is a window in the panel.

To Sum up, having either lock on your van will give you an extra layer of security, most van break in's are probably done in seconds rather than minutes by taking advantage of a manufacturers weak point. That weak point varies from one model van to another and it might be a thief using a skeleton key on your factory lock, twisting your factory lock with grips, putting a hole through the thin metal of your bodywork or as simple as tricking your van into unlocking itself by pulling the bottom of the door open! the point is that if a van thief knows that they can break into a particular model van in 15 seconds with out making any real noise then they know that they can do it to every one of those thousands of vans up and down the country, this makes it easy for them to pop it open just to look and see if there are any tools or anything of value in your van. Don't make it easy for them, instead make it harder for them with our deadlocks or one of our van security packages; then they are likely to carry on and pop open the one parked down the road from your van (as harsh as that sounds for them).

DIY installation;

We don't consider deadlocks to be a DIY fit product; as appropriate tools, skill and experience in cutting metal and working on motor vehicles is required. But if you have the skill and tools to complete the task then we can supply you with a full fitting kit and fitting instructions that are specifically made for your vehicle.

Professional installation;

Sussex Installations offer a professional installation service by our experienced installers. We will take great care of your van with quality workmanship, our unique clean down process and application of rust prevention solution to any drilled metals. We are the van security specialists and have the knowledge, skills, experience and tools to carry out the installation to the highest standard.


Do I need two Locks for my tailgate?
Yes, in most cases there will be two locks for the tailgate with one on either side. The exception for this is in the case of some of the smaller vans where we only use one.

Will the same key operate all of my Locks?
Yes when you buy the locks from us a package for your van, then all of the locks will work from the same key.

How many keys do I get?
As standard there are two keys with the locks, regardless if you buy one lock for your van or six! We can supply extra keys at the same time.

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*VAT is included in advertised prices (unless stated otherwise). Although every effort is made to keep prices accurate they will be subject to change and availability. Installation is not included in the price, unless indicated. Please note that the price may change depending upon the selections that you make, a £0 price is an indicator that you need to make your required selection in order to see the price. No security product(s) that we offer guarantees that a vehicle is safe from a break in, please take all appropriate security measures including removing tools or cargo where possible. Any products sold as 'supply only' are done so with the understanding that you will have them fitted by a suitably qualified / competent person, we offer no guarantee of their compatibility with your vehicle and accept no liability for any damage caused by the installation of them. Please click on the individual product for pricing details. Terms and Conditions apply.
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