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Sussex Installations ALA-PIR1 Hard Wired PIR Hard Wired PIR detector for use with our alarm systems Sussex - London & The South East
Hard Wired PIR detector for use with our alarm systems

£109.99 Ex. VAT
£131.99 *Fitted
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This is a  hard wired PIR detector that gives 360 degree protection and is ideally suited for protecting the load area of vans and other commercial vehicles that have a metal bulk head that separates the driver from the load (cargo) area.

If an intruder breaks into your van through a high level of destruction attack (such as folding your side door down or cutting a hole in the roof or side of your van) to remove contents without opening your van doors; then your alarm probably won't be aware of the attack and not even sound! The increase in these high level of destruction attacks means that it is really important to have a load area PIR detector fitted in addition to an alarm system. We also recommend high position door switches to be fitted to your side load door and in some cases to your rear barn door too in addition to this PIR detector.

The installation of this Hard Wired PIR detector is compatible with our range of alarm systems and in some cases may well be compatible with many other makes and models too. Our installation of this detector is typically limited to installing at the same time as installing a complete alarm system, however we can retrofit this detector for our customers who have had an alarm system fitted by us previously and would like to upgrade it. We also have some vehicle specific upgrade kits using this PIR detector to upgrade the vehicle manufacturer's security system; such as the Ford Transit Custom van (please use the 'Vehicle Specific Search Tool' to find these).

The price includes a 7m extension cable

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*VAT is included in advertised prices (unless stated otherwise). Price includes standard installation in our local area, but excludes additional parts that may be required (please contact us for a specific quotation for you and your vehicle). Although every effort is made to keep prices accurate they will be subject to change and availability. Please note that the price may change depending upon the selections that you make, a £0 price is an indicator that you need to make your required selection in order to see the price. No security product(s) that we offer guarantees that a vehicle is safe from a break in, please take all appropriate security measures including removing tools or cargo where possible. Any products sold as 'supply only' are done so with the understanding that you will have them fitted by a suitably qualified / competent person, we offer no guarantee of their compatibility with your vehicle and accept no liability for any damage caused by the installation of them. Please click on the individual product for pricing details. Terms and Conditions apply.
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